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I am not currently practicing as a counsellor

Client Types

Adults, groups.

Areas of special interest

  • Spirituality and faith

  • Dreams/nightmares

  • Addiction issues

  • Health and disability issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Grief, change and loss

  • Difficulties with pregnancy, pregnancy loss and postnatal distress

  • Anxiety and Depression

Counselling Services

Life is made up of many important strands. At times, it’s hard to make sense of these and how they can fit together. When this happens to you, I can provide a safe, supportive service to help you look at the parts that make up who you are and find ways to bring them together. This provides an opportunity for you to develop a more connected way of living, which can then sustain you and those you support. A strand that is often neglected but present and powerful in bringing cohesion to life is spirituality or intrinsic meaning. I can help you explore what this strand might mean to you and your preferred picture of wholeness.

In counselling, you get to talk about your life and experiences in your own way.  As I listen to you talk about your concerns and problems, I will offer you feedback and ask questions to help you to see these differently. This gives you the opportunity to think and feel about your situation in new ways. We can talk about new ways of problem solving that you can try.  We will celebrate the positive steps you have considered and taken towards the life that you want to live.

Counselling Approaches

I use a combination of Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, client-centred connecting skills. Dreamwork, tools from spiritual direction and body orientated processing to help you find relief and resilience. At times I will also support you to use drawing/writing/movement/home practice as ways to get a new perspective of your concern(s), your resources and explore options for acceptance and/or change.

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